Jacks or Better

The most basic and common video poker game is Jacks or Better. This is often the traditionalist’s choice with payouts based on the standard poker hand rankings and no funny business like wild cards. The minimum requirements for payout is among the lowest — all you need is a pair of Jacks (or better) to win. One of the great things about Jacks or Better is that the payout structure is quite generous, up to 99.5%. Couple that with the fact that you can learn to play better Jacks or Better video poker by use of our video poker trainer and this game is offered at every casino, online or live, Jacks or Better is a great game to develop some expertise.

Ladbrokes Jacks or Better Video Poker

Wild Card Video Poker

The second most popular category for video poker online is games with wild cards, especially Joker Poker, where Jokers are wild, and Deuces Wild, where 2s are the wild card. These games greatly increase the chances that you see some of the prettier hands in poker, like Straight Flushes and 4 (or even 5!) of a Kinds. Obviously, these games have different pay tables to make up for this. There is a higher minimum requirement to win — sometimes it still only takes a pair of Kings, but it can be as steep as 3 of a Kind, depending on the particular pay structure and number of wilds.

Joker Poker, when played optimally, can offer a payout rate of 100.046%, meaning that you are an odds favorite to be profitable playing this game! Of course, the key is to play perfect video poker, so be sure to use our trainer and calculator to fine tune your strategies!

Ladbrokes Joker Poker

Joker Poker

Bonus Video Poker

There are also many varieties of Bonus and Jackpot poker. These games often have non-traditional payout structures, for example, paying out a 4 of a Kind in small cards more than a 4 of a Kind in face cards. They also tend to be more top-heavy in their payouts so that there is a chance for a big score.

As is the case with each of the video poker games described above, you can find more specific information on our game pages, including some strategy, information and pay tables. For instance, visiting our Loose Deuces page will compare the pay tables for some of the top online sites. This can help you to decide where you want to play video poker and over a long period will have a great effect on your success.

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