Video Poker Calculator

Royal Flush Full House 3 of a kind
Straight Flush Flush Two Pair
4 of a kind Straight Jacks or Better


  1. Select the game and paytable from the drop down menus above the calculator.
  2. Click on each card to choose what was dealt.
  3. Press the Process button to see the best play.

Our trainer defaults to Jacks or Better 9/6 Max coins:

Royal Flush: 4000
Straight Flush: 250
4 of a kind: 125
Full House: 45
Flush: 30
Straight: 20
3 of a kind: 15
Two Pair: 10
Jacks or Better: 5


Why You Should Use the Video Poker Calculator?

Unlike our Video Poker Trainer which allows you to test your ability and knowledge of basic strategy, the Video Poker Calculator allows you to select the cards dealt and will then tell you the optimal play.

Why is is this important? Because you can use this tool WHILE playing video poker for real money. You will never make a mistake again!

Visit this web page on your smartphone, and use it while playing video poker in Las Vegas or wherever. You may not always remember the absolute correct play, but you won’t need to with the Video Poker Calculator.

You are ALLOWED to use our Video Poker Calculator while playing real money video poker in a casino, so be sure to bookmark this page and add it to your smartphone!

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